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Namazvdom project. What is it for and what is our goal in 2019.

namazvdom   |   29.01.2019

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful! Peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad.

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. My name is Anwar Abu Sulayman. I am from far Russian city where the northernmost mosque was located in former times. I am the founder of the Islamic project «Namazvdom» (which means «prayer to home» in the languages of CIS). Founded in 2014 this project helps muslims to perform Salah step by step using modern technologies. We have set a goal to bring our project to the next level and start helping Muslims around the world. I wrote a short article about this and I want to introduce it.

In 2015 we created the site and it still works. All this time we have been looking after it: updating, servicing and making all necessary payments to support the work of the site.

Later in 2016 we developed mobile apps for iOS and Android (available on the App Store and Google Play), which you can install on your phone and learn with it whenever and wherever you are. Unfortunately they are available only in Russian.

Then in 2017 we developed a poster for offline education of people who have no opportunities to use modern technologies. As a result Namazvdom became a good resource of all necessary materials both for ablution and prayer education.

At the beginning of our work we had a volunteer support and such assistance allowed us to make good publicity, so we ordered large billboards in some cities and distributed free posters of namaz.

We had been teaching how to perform namaz hundreds of people a day. It was a unique opportunity for us presented by Allah.

Main goal we have been chasing through the years was to make a site and an app of Namazvdom project synonyms for phrase «I want to learn how to pray». It is like someone tells you about his desire to learn salah and he is immediately advised our resource. The goal was set for the long term period and it was mainly accomplished. But the lack of growth is a direct road to oblivion. Therefore, the last year I’m haunted by something global and more significant and known to a wide range of people.

Over the last years we have gained experience and audience. Many grateful users have written us via social networks and email very kind words of support and gratitude. I have personally read hundreds of messages. Among other things, the biggest reward and thanks is that many people have already learned how to pray with our help. When I read your next letter I am filled with an overwhelming emotions and feeling of joy. It is worth a lot. All the people who helped with their words, deeds and financially are doubtless involved in the Namazvdom project. All those people who began to perform salah because of you are your reward on the Judgment Day.

I have a mind to make 2019 a year of sweeping changes for Namazvdom. We have been working in the local segment for several years, teaching only hundreds of people daily. There are still a lot of people in the world, Muslims, scattered all over the world, experiencing problems with studying of such an important pillar of Islam. And here is what I want, I mean main points of my roadmap strategic plan:

1. Fully updated resources according to modern guidelines. 2. New language of graphic design. Improved and all new user interface and user experience.

3. We will bring our site to international servers and ensure it stable work and good speed from all over the world.

4. All graphic elements will be in high resolution only.

5. Our apps and site will be adaptive for screen models and operating systems.

6. All 4 madhhab (schools of thought within Islamic jurisprudence) will be available with an opportunity to choose the one for a particular area and/or nation.

7. We will develop online platform of language translations so that everyone can participate in the translation of services and applications into their native language wherever they come from.

8. Restructuring of the project. Namazvdom should become an international hub, which will absorb all the necessary materials on the subject of prayer. We will introduce sections with evidences, explanation of conditions and pillars. Short FAQ will also be available.

9. Adaptation of our services for international use. We will also find a more appropriate name that will be clear for everyone.

10. Localization, SEO, SMM of all resources (geographical and location-based targeting).

These are 10 points which describe the main tasks to be accomplished during the next year. All these years many users have helped and supported us. If there was no such support we could not launched this wonderful project. So in order to make it even better and achieve all the goals we need your strong support and assistance again.

This is the most important collection for all time project existence. Help us raise $15,000 to get started on the upgrade. All expenses will be transparent and available in the form of reports. I created a separate page for your donations — Any amount is available to transfer.

Please share this information with your relatives, friends and folks! Barakallahu feekum!

Your brother from Russia, Abu Sulayman. Mail —
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